What is The Neeraj Chopra Prize Money for The Gold Medal in The World Athletics Championship in 2023?

Indian Javelin Sensation's Epic Journey to Gold Glory

Neeraj Chopra Makes History: Secures Gold at World Athletics Championships

In a historic moment for Indian sports, Neeraj Chopra soared to victory at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, Hungary. With a jaw-dropping javelin throw covering a distance of 88.17 meters, he clinched the gold medal, becoming the first Indian athlete to achieve this remarkable feat at the event.

What is The Neeraj Chopra Prize Money for The Gold Medal in The World Athletics Championship in 2023?

A Stunning Performance

Neeraj Chopra’s journey to gold had a thrilling start. Initially, he faced a setback with a foul throw in the final. However, true champions rise from adversity. With his second throw, Neeraj catapulted himself to the top spot, maintaining his lead until the end of the competition.

The Reward of Excellence

For his outstanding performance at the WAC 2023, Neeraj Chopra was duly rewarded with a substantial cash prize of $70,000, approximately equivalent to ₹58 lakh. This recognition underscores his dedication and excellence in the world of javelin throwing.

Global Recognition for Pakistan and Czech Republic

Neeraj Chopra’s victory wasn’t the only standout moment of the competition. Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem secured the silver medal with an impressive throw covering 87.82 meters. Meanwhile, Jakub Vadlejch from the Czech Republic made history by winning the bronze with a distance of 86.67 meters.

Arshad Nadeem received a well-deserved cash award of $35,000, while Jakub Vadlejch was honored with $22,000 for his stellar performance.

Indian Athletes Shine Bright

The glory didn’t end with Neeraj Chopra’s victory. Three Indian athletes secured spots in the top eight, showcasing India’s prowess in athletics. Kishore Jena, with a throw of 84.77 meters, secured the fifth position, while DP Manu’s throw of 84.14 meters earned him the sixth spot.

Reflecting on the Journey

India’s performance at the World Athletics Championships has been commendable, with Chopra accounting for two of the three medals won by Indian athletes—one silver and one gold. Reflecting on the event, Chopra emphasized the importance of unity and learning from mistakes. He encouraged fellow athletes not to be disheartened but to focus on improvement for future competitions.

A Glorious Sporting Legacy

Neeraj Chopra’s victory at the World Athletics Championships adds another jewel to his illustrious sporting legacy. As the first Indian Olympic track and field gold medalist at the Tokyo Games in 2021, and now a gold medalist at the World Athletics Championships, Chopra’s journey continues to inspire and uplift the nation.

In 2003, long jumper Anju Bobby George had also made India proud by winning a bronze in the World Athletics Championships.


Neeraj Chopra’s gold medal win is a historic moment for Indian athletics. It reflects the spirit of determination, resilience, and excellence that defines champions. This victory will continue to inspire aspiring athletes and remains a testament to the limitless potential of Indian sports.

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